Industrial Pipe & Fittings

Pipes have many uses in the industrial sector. The industrial applications include the moving of raw and semi-processed fluids, which are refined into more useful products. Industrial pipes are needed when transporting aggressive media, such as contaminated wastewater, chemicals, exhaust gas and exhaust air. Astral Pipes offers a range of industrial pipes and structural pipes for the industrial sector. Astral Chem PRO – CPVC industrial piping system, and Astral Aquarius Plus – uPVC industrial piping system. These industrial pipes are lead-free, non-toxic, easy to install and stand for a lifetime of trouble-free service.

Chem PRO

  • PIPES: SCH 40 & 80: 1.5cm (½ “) to 30.0cm (12”)
  • FITTINGS: SCH 80: 1.5cm (½ “) to 30.0cm (12”)
  • VALVES: ½” to 12”

Aquarius Plus

  • Strong & Light Weight
  • Easy to Install – Simple & Leak Proof Joints
  • Fire Resistant
  • UV Stabilized
  • Safe Material for Drinking Water

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