Hicem Fiber Cement Board

Hicem Fiber Cement Board, Manufactured using cement, cellulose fibres and special additives, these boards are made as per IS:14862 – 2000 in a laminar process to give a stable crystalline structure. This crystalline structure makes the board durable and dimensionally stable and provides superior sound and thermal insulation properties.

Annual production capacity of 60,000 metric tons. The versatility of these products makes them the ideal choice in all types of Dry construction projects.


Hicem Fiber Cement Board is typically delivered in 50Kg bags for convenience and ease of handling. The versatile product offers reliable quality, high-performance solutions to the requirements of a wide range of applications, namely:

  • Home concrete work such as foundation and garden paths.
  • Medium strength concrete for driveways, unreinforced light industrial floors and mass concrete.
  • Canal precast element.
  • Masonry work: mortar and plaster Brick and block making Reinforced concrete Suspended slabs.

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